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DMA and First Orion Introduce “TPS Protect”

By August 9, 2017 No Comments

Say goodbye to nuisance calls, UK. TPS Protect is a new app that helps consumers avoid nuisance and scam calls, created by the DMA in partnership with First Orion. The app provides an easier way to register their number for the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and quickly register complaints about nuisance or scam calls. Best of all? The app is completely free, available for iPhone or Android. New users also receive a free 60 day trial of the additional paid-for features available.

So how does it work? TPS Protect rates incoming calls with a trust score from 1 to 5, indicating whether the caller is a scammer or someone you can trust. We call it the “Trust Score.” The app displays the Trust Score clearly on incoming call details, so that if a user receives a call with a low score they can opt to reject it. TPS Protect offers a category for the call too, so users can decide if they want to pick up a call from a mid-level score like a charity or financial services company. The aim is to provide as much information as possible, so consumers can make an informed choice. First Orion updates data every six minutes to provide up-to-the-minute protection, which allows us to detect new scams quickly.

To set up TPS Protect, download the app for iPhone or Android. The first step is to register and confirm their mobile phone number with the TPS. Once you’ve done that, you can file complaints about nuisance or scam calls directly through the app. The app is powered by YOU, so every call that is blocked, reported or complained about in app helps determine the Trust Score for that number. Every user’s feedback helps TPS Protect work better for everyone. To complain about a call, copy and paste the number into the box on the “Lookup” screen. From there, you’ll see the information on that caller. You can simply report a call here – tell us what the call was about and if you think it’s a scam. If you have time to fill out a full complaint, the information is passed on to the relevant authorities too.

For those who wish to have more coverage, TPS Protect also offers advanced subscriber services. Subscribers can send nuisance or scam calls directly to voicemail, set their desired level of Trust Score calls, and choose which categories they prefer to receive. Advanced users can also create their own Block and Approve list, which override all other settings, allowing the user to specify which numbers they wish to always be delivered or blocked.

John Mitchison, Head of Preference services, compliance and legal at the DMA, said:
“When it comes to scam and nuisance callers, don’t fight a lone battle. Stand up. Join the growing movement of people fighting back. TPS Protect is an app for your phone that rates incoming calls using information from consumers. Each rating helps callers decide how trusted an unfamiliar call could be, from scammers with criminal intentions to someone you can trust. When scam calls get reported, their trust score drops. So your voice matters.”
Robert Baker, European MD at First Orion, said:
“Unlike other call blocking apps, TPS Protect does not access your phone contacts and never will. We respect and value customer privacy. We’ve launched the app today with data we have collected over several months of testing and the protection will get better for every person that downloads and uses the app. So we encourage people to join the movement and share the news with their family and friends, as more people use TPS Protect the more we all will benefit.”
Download TPS Protect today and start blocking scammers automatically. If you’d like to know more about TPS Protect, you can read the full press release here.