Do You Deserve a DISH Payout?

By May 10, 2018 No Comments

PSA: This is NOT a scam!

Did you get an unwanted sales call from DISH Network from 2010-2011? If your number was on the Do Not Call Registry when this happened, you just might be entitled up to $1200.

In a $61 million class-action lawsuit against DISH, the judge decided the company “willfully and knowingly” called people on the Do Not Call list. Their punishment – paying $1200 per call to every victim. This means if you received more than one call, you get $1200 for every call you received.

Unfortunately, the lawyers are finding themselves in a dire situation trying to convince people that this is not a scam. People have become so untrustworthy of random callers saying they’re owed money that people don’t believe it when they are notified. After all of those fake “You won a cruise!” calls, it honestly is pretty hard to believe.

Currently, DISH is appealing the ruling, claiming that an outside contractor violated DISH’s instructions. Until then, you are still owed your cut if you were a victim. Follow this link to enter your number and see if you’re one of the lucky victims who deserve a payout!