Infographic: Scam Call Fast Facts

By April 25, 2017 No Comments

In First Orion’s latest scam survey, we discovered something remarkable: the “tech-savvy” generation is getting duped into sharing their information. It’s a surprising fact considering that Millennials are somewhat averse to answering their phones at all, but our survey found that Generation Y is six times more likely to give away credit card information to fraudsters.

Astonishingly, Millennials received fewer scam calls overall than Gen X or Baby Boomers, but still gave away personal information over the phone more than either generation. Millennials are almost twice as likely to give away their social security number over the phone, particularly when the scammer already has a little info. Our survey showed that almost 17% gave up the rest of their social security number when the scammer verified the last four digits. That’s opposed to only 3.2% of Gen X and 2% of Baby Boomers.

Not so surprising? Millennials believe they are less susceptible to identity theft. Only 35% think they could be scammed, versus 50% of Gen X and 54% of Baby Boomers.

When it comes to IRS scam calls in particular, we discovered close to 40% of our 1,000 participants surveyed had been contacted by someone impersonating the IRS. According to the survey, IRS impersonations are the number one scam-of-choice, with 27% of scam calls reported as such. The runners-up are cruise/vacation scams (25%) and bank/credit card scams (16%).

That all adds up to over 9,000,000,000 phone calls from known scammers this year. You read those zeros correctly – BILLIONS of scam calls will be made in 2017. Over 85% of respondents reported receiving a telemarketing call lately and another 75% believe they’ve been called by a scammer. Almost half of those surveyed believe it’s their cell phone carrier’s responsibility to block scam and fraud calls and texts, and nearly three-fourths said they’d be inclined to switch to a carrier that automatically offered that service.

To combat these calls from your phone, no matter what carrier, the PrivacyStar app provides hassle-free blocking for iPhone and Android. In addition to the app, First Orion offers FONES for carriers and service providers to deliver the highest level of confidence and flexibility in protecting subscribers from scams and other unwanted calls.

Download the PDF here: Scam_Infographic_FirstOrion / / Read more about this scam survey