Without a shield, 100 billion scam calls could get through to customers each year.*

And you wonder why 84% of calls go unanswered.

The First Orion Transparency Hub

The Transparency Hub is First Orion’s technology framework that allows us to offer a holistic solution for STIR/SHAKEN, Scam Protection, Spoof Detection, CallPrinting™, call validation analytics and more.

The Transparency Hub makes answering the phone a thing of the future, not a thing of the past.

We believe no one should feel the pain of scam calls, and everyone should know who's calling and why. Carriers can ask First Orion to help block these bad actors - through both our in-network or cloud-based solution - so we can all answer our phones again with confidence. Here's how that works:

Find solutions within our platform that work for your business.

Call Protection Suite

  • The Warn Solution

    In-network warnings such as “Scam Likely” help reduce phone fraud and protect consumers from the risk of identity theft or financial loss.

  • The Alert Solution

    Tagging or blocking certain categories such as ‘telemarketing’ alerts consumers to the type of call they’re receiving and gives them control.

  • The Detect Solution

    Data scientists investigate the “callprint” that bad actors leave behind to detect the spoofers, the scammers, and the nuisance callers.


Branded Phone Calls