Update: New Medicare Card Scams

By September 27, 2018 No Comments

A few months back, we wrote about the new Medicare cards being sent to beneficiaries with social security numbers being replaced with unique identification numbers. With these new cards, scammers swarmed those waiting on their cards, trying to steal as much information as they could.

The FTC has warned about fraudsters posing as Medicare workers trying to “confirm” your social security number (which they aren’t). Another scam includes scammers claiming your card has been compromised and that you need to move the money from your bank into a “new, safe” account.

The new cards are ultimately meant to fight fraud. Until then, don’t let yourself fall into any traps set by fake Medicare employees. To protect yourself, follow these tips straight from the FTC:

  • Don’t give personal information to get your new Medicare card. If someone calls claiming to be from Medicare and asks for your Social Security number, bank information, or other information to get your new card, that’s a scam. Hang up. Medicare will never ask you to give personal information to get your new Medicare number and card.
  • Don’t pay for your new card. It’s yours for free. If anyone calls and says you need to pay for it, that’s a scam. Hang up.

Also, if you’re not sure the mailing status of your card, here is a map from the Medicare website to show you if your card has been sent or if it’s on its way soon!


(Last updated September 17, 2018)