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What We Learned at Social Media Marketing World

By April 2, 2019 No Comments

We just got back from one of the largest social media conferences in the US – Social Media Marketing World – to learn how to better spread the good word of #ScamLikely and market our products to you. Wondering what’s trending on the digital marketing horizon in 2019? Here’s what we learned.

1. Video rules the web.

There was a prevalent theme at #SMMW19 – video. We’ve dipped our toe into the pool of video in the past, but expect a lot more moving content from First Orion. Social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn push video content more frequently to people’s feeds, so anyone who’s not taking advantage of that is missing out on potential engagement goldmines.

Not to brag, but First Orion likes to stay ahead of the curve, so we recently hired a new video intern! We’re planning on sending you an insider’s view to our products, culture, and people.

2. LinkedIn is a B2B Playground

Our LinkedIn is typically cultivated by press releases, job opportunities, and culture-related posts. But people are consuming long-form content and videos on LinkedIn more than ever, thanks to how they prioritize these posts in the feed. Businesses, salespeople, and C-Level execs should all take advantage of these updates to rise quickly to the top of people’s feeds.

3. B2B and B2C is dead! Long live H2H.

We heard the term “Human to Human” more than once during the course of the week. Social media is, and has always been, about connecting people. Successful connections and campaigns are made when you show people the human side of your business.

For First Orion, the human side of our business lies not in the analytics, but in the stories the data tells. Real people are picking up the phone each day and being duped by scammers, real businesses are struggling to get their calls answered, and we’re connecting the dots behind the scenes to make it safer to call and answer the phone. PS – got a story we’ve got to tell? Email us at social at firstorion dot com and we’ll make you a star.

4. Facebook wants you to tell stories.

It’s all about the Stories right now, on both Facebook and Instagram. They want you uploading and sharing every moment you can on Stories, and they want to make those as accessible to friends, family, and followers as possible. It can be hard as a business to figure out how to use Stories effectively, but we typically try to show what it’s like to work at First Orion and the importance of our company and culture. Since Stories disappear in 24 hours, it takes a lot less planning and perfection to produce these. Make sure you follow First Orion on Instagram so you can see our next one!

5. In a post-attention world, connections are critical.

Most people are interacting with content at a faster rate than ever before. Distractions are rampant, attention spans are short, and it’s not enough to just make great content anymore. To build brand loyalty, you have to pay attention to what your customers want and interact with them on the level that they demand.

When you positively influence people, they listen to you, they talk about you, and they trust you. This means you have to spend just as much time strategizing and developing how you’re going to interact with fans, potential customers, and clients as you do on the content itself. From our blog to our Twitter interactions, we’re constantly re-evaluating how we can connect with lots of different audiences, and trying to understand what content best resonates with them.


Want to share your talents with First Orion? Check out what we’ve got open on our careers page.