Who is “Scam Likely” (And why are they calling me)?

By April 26, 2017 16 Comments

If you’re a T-Mobile or MetroPCS user, chances are you’ve gotten one of these calls recently: “Scam Likely.”

So who is this elusive “Scam Likely” character? It’s all part of a new T-Mobile and MetroPCS feature powered in part by our PrivacyStar data (a First Orion company). The feature, called Scam ID, flags known scam callers automatically so you know when not to pick up. Scam calls can cost Americans upwards of billions of dollars every year. With Scam ID, users are safeguarded from these potential threats with a simple glance at Caller ID.

While many people on Twitter might think #ScamLikely is a new Apple feature, this service is not limited to iPhone users. Scam ID works on Android phones as well, so you can grab the new Samsung Galaxy and get the exact same protection on the T-Mobile and MetroPCS networks.

Subscribers can also opt into “Scam Block,” which uses PrivacyStar’s database to block known scammers from ever reaching a customer’s phone. When customers enable Scam Block, T-Mobile and MetroPCS will stop scam calls before they even have the chance to ring. These protections are free, powered by patent-pending technology built right into the Un-carrier’s advanced network, which means scam blocking works on every single phone on their network.

To activate these features, T-Mobile and MetroPCS users can dial the following codes from their smartphone:

  • #ONI# (#664#): Enables Scam ID
  • #ONB# (#662#): Enables Scam Block
  • #OFB# (#632#): Disables Scam Block
  • #STS# (#787#): Check if Scam Block is Enabled

You can read more about Scam ID, Scam Block, and Name ID protection services here. Need to mark a legit number that’s been mislabeled as “Scam Likely?” Report a call as Scam UN-likely here:, or visit to get in touch with our call reporting services.

Oh, and if you’re sad YOUR carrier doesn’t filter your calls automatically, you should ask them for it! You can also download PrivacyStar for iPhone and Android. We’ll label those nuisance calls and automatically block known scammers for free.

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  • Zulema Sauceedo says:

    OMG … I was wondering what these calls were about… Thanks T-Mobile

  • Tammy Price says:

    If its totally free I’m willing.

    • First Orion says:

      Hey Tammy, T-Mobile is offering Scam ID to their customers 100% free (pretty cool, right?). For those who want even MORE info on who’s calling, they can sign up for Name ID for just $4 / month (free for T-Mobile ONE Plus customers).

  • Alison Helms says:

    That’s awesome. Thanks, I have been wondering for weeks what “scam likely” is on my caller I.d

  • Is this service free? If so why is it not already on the phone set up?

    • First Orion says:

      Hey Brenda, Scam ID is totally free for T-Mobile postpaid plan members. They’re still rolling this feature out to all members, so stay tuned if your phone hasn’t been activated yet.

  • Rowena baluyut says:

    Sorry I didn’t know it’s t- mobile who keep calling me.

  • Shawn Bradley says:

    How is First Orion handling mis-identified scam calls? A phone number reported to the FCC is not a guilty verdict. You are blocking legitimate business calls.

    • First Orion says:

      Hi Shawn, we have a team of data verification specialist that call each and every reported number to determine if a number is legitimate. Often robocalls are flagged as “Scam Likely” due to the high volume of calls placed, so we work as quickly as possible to resolve those issues. There are also some known dialers that we’re working with to update their information as well. If you have a number you’d like to report as Scam UNlikely, you can email it to, or report it directly to T-Mobile!

      Hope this helps.

  • Susan Kendig says:

    So what happens if you answer the call?

    • First Orion says:

      If you answer, you’ll be connected to the caller! It is likely a robo-dialer, so you’ll then be connected to the call center on the other end. If you find out who it is, feel free to report the number at!

  • Karen says:

    Too bad, we don’t really know who all may be listening in on all phones. Here in the good ole, USA.

  • I like it, I love to answer the phone and let them talk and I listen to their pitch before I tell them not call my phone again! Thanks T-Mobile

  • Carl M West says:

    So do I answer when it rings Scam likely???

    • First Orion says:

      Hi Carl, we vet all numbers through a data verification team, who then determine whether or not a call may be a scam. Often robocalls will be flagged as “Scam Likely” due to the high volume, so if you’re expecting a call like that (perhaps an appointment reminder or prescription notification), you can answer. Otherwise, rest easy knowing you can ignore the call.

  • If I activate call block, and it misidentifies a robo call, will the caller be re-directed to vm.?