Who is Scam Likely? Twitter Investigates.

By December 29, 2017 No Comments

In 2017, First Orion monitored over 8,000 social posts that talked about “Scam Likely,” the unassuming super hero T-Mobile unleashed to fight scam calls. The one thing we noticed? People on social media had a LOT of theories on who Mr. Likely might be. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite suspicions from Twitter:

1. Hello Scam, my old friend.

Mr. Likely? I haven’t heard from him in years! Twitter loved personifying Scam Likely into a long lost friend or relative. He was voted “Most Likely to Ask for Money” in High School four years in a row.

2. Why assume it’s a HE?

While most people assumed Scam Likely was a mister, many were quick to suggest women had that scam hustle too. Hey, it’s 2017. Anyone can be shut down for scamming!

3. Just add hat and trench.

We saw the theory that Scam Likely was a detective of some sort, hiding out in a car with a 500mm camera lens waiting to bust a criminal. Sadly, it’s the other way around, and First Orion was doing the busting. If only Mr. Likely had a reputable job like detective!

4. Scam Likely is the new Shady Definitely.

The #1 thing we saw people saying about Scam Likely? It’s a great way to hide a contact in your phone. If Scam Likely is texting or FaceTiming your man, it’s time to kick him to the curb.

5. “It’s SCAM now, MOM.”

Lots of Tweeps wanted to take on Scam Likely as a rap or punk pseudonym. Don’t be surprised if you see DJ Scam Likely coming to a club near you in 2018!

6. Who would name their kid Scam Likely?

Poor Scam Likely, just trying to make a living as a CPA or stock broker. While we know that’s not the truth, you’ve got to feel for anyone who might have named their kid Scam. Case and point:

7. Next year at Coachella!

Whether a rapper or punk rock band, we saw a LOT of people speculate that Scam Likely would be a great name for a musical group. Also – dibs on Fraudulent Incoming for the next big band name.

8. Now Casting:

We love the idea of Scam Likely becoming the next Hamburglar! But who should play the part? Anthony Hopkins? Meryl Streep? This performance could be Oscar worthy.

9. Hell hath no fury.

Just as we saw people saving their scandalous relationships as Scam Likely, we saw plenty of people using it to prank their friends as well. Kids saving their school as Scam in their parents phones. Girlfriends punishing boyfriends by changing their name to Scam. Even just labeling random numbers they didn’t want to answer. There are going to be a lot of confused people if they forget.

10. Mr. Scam Likely, here!

You’re live on air! You can hear the voice saying it now, can’t you?

No matter who you thought Scam Likely was this year, hopefully this feature helped make your scam calls feel a little less horrifying. Unless, of course…you imagined Scam as a horror villain (we get it).